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Everything I've Sold!

101 purchases and counting...

    A pair of white Calvin Klein underwear. Great fit for a great price. Size 34. 14 pair available.
    A pair of white Calvin Klein underwear. Great fit for a great price. Size 34. 14 pair available.
    Red Polo Argyle Socks. For when you really want to make an impression, whether good or bad. Only 1 pair available.

    One Black Ski Sock. Very thin, for a racing boot fit, and extremely warm as well. Only one of a pair available.

    Purple Fuzzy Hat. 100% polyester, and 100% funky goodness.

    Blue Spyder Hat. This hat is very thin, and still very warm. The deep blue fleece is accented by a Spyder logo at the front of the hat

    Green striped black hat.

    Black North Face Gloves. These thin gloves feature their Gore Windstopper technology to keep the wind out, and keep the warmth in. With reinforced wear spots on the palm and fingers. Size Medium.

    Oakley Sunglasses. The smaller frame style, with the reverse coating so the sun doesn't glare in your eyes when it is behind you driving, or riding your bicycle.

    Fake Gucci sunglasses. Purple, stylish, and very made in China.

    Black and White Hound's Tooth pattern Wool Pants. Similar in appearance to chef's pants, these are a step above in quality and style. Made by J-Crew these are extremely comforatable and very warm as well. 34 inch waist.

    Dark Blue Levi's Silver Tab Blue Jeans. "Straight + Loose" style, these jeans are my favorite around the house pants. 34 inch waist, 32 inch leg.

    G.I. Joe T-shirt. A Real American Hero. Yo Joe!. Size Large, 100% Cotton. 1 available.

    Blue fitted overcoat. It is no surprise that this coat was originally a military coat, but in this case, the government was more stylish than it even realized. Built for a warrior's body, and built to show it off, this coat is broad at the shoulders, tight at the waist, and the full length bottom billows back out. Think at about the most glamorous honor guard, and you've got this coat. Quite a find. Super warm. Size 40.

    Plaid Summer Sport Coat. Made by Brooks Brothers, this is a three buttoned coat from when the three button coat was last in style. Size 42.

    Black Patagonia Jacket. Made entirely of recycled plastic, this fleece coat features the extremely effective PEF windbreaking technology. Size Large.

    Gym Bag from the Catlin Gabel School emblazoned across the side "MANDIBERG" in block letters. I have had this bag since Middle School.

    Army Surplus Satchel. Army green, purse size satchel. Super functional.

    Gucci Dress Shoes. The best in looks, these shoes complete every outfit. Purchased on sale two years ago. Made in Italy. Size 10.

    Asolo AFX 520 GTX Leather Hiking Boots. These boots are as rugged as hiking boots get before they become plastic and are called mountaineering boots. They have Vibram soles, Gore tex waterproofing, and substantial insulation. Size 10.

    Black Birkenstock Tokyo Clog style sandal. Very comfortable, and warm as well. These sandals are very elegant. Size 43.

    [sic] , By Sean Landers. Out of print.

    5000 Artists Return to Artists Space. Still in its original plastic wraps.

    West Coast Gallery Guide.

    The Sweet Dove Died. The last book published by Barbara Pym, before she stopped writing publicly until just before her death. Pym is one of the most underrated and under-read novelists of the 20th century. I almost wrote my thesis on her. I should have.

    Where to Find it, Buy it, and Eat it in New York, by Gerry Frank. The definitive guide to New York.

    Sketch Journal. With brown cloth cover.

    Professional ASP Guide. The WROX Programmer to Programmer guide to Active Server Pages, the Microsoft dynamic web site solution.

    Director 8 Guide. The Visual Quickstart guide to the high powered Macromedia content production program.

    Flash 4 Guide. The Visual Quickstart guide to the best selling Macromedia web animation program.

    Less than Angels. By Barbara Pym, one of the most underrated and under-read novelists of the 20th century. Out of print.

    My Computer! The computer I am typing on right now! A blazing PowerMac G4 400MHz. Loads of other goodness, including all of my previous work, my backup copies of this site, the raw image file and lots more... Comes with Apple USB keyboard.
    My Monitor! The monitor I am looking at right now! A modest 17 inch Apple Studio Display. Nothing huge, but it does the trick.

    USB Splitter. One end plugs into the USB slot on the back of your computer, and the other end allows for four USB devices to plug in. Externally powered.

    PC Card Ethernet Adapter. By 3Com, this plugs into the PC Card slot in non-networked Powerbooks to allow them to connect to an ethernet cable. Comes with adapter cable.

    By Global Village, this PC Card 56K Modem allows modemless powerbooks to dial up to the internet. Comes with adapter cable.

    Ethernet 10/100 MBpS Lan Hub, for use with a cable modem. Comes with three ethernet cords, 25 feet, 10 feet, and 3 feet.

    Epson 777i printer. Just got this one, and it works really quite well.

    Dynalite 1000XL Strobe set. Includes the 1000 watt/sec battery pack, two 500 watt/sec strobe heads, PC cord, and necessary cables. In great condition, this pack has enough power to cover most situations, and is lightweight enough to get there.<
    NPC Polaroid Back for the Hasselblad. Takes Polaroid film for proofing your lighting, and cropping, and to show your subject what is in the frame.

    Hello Kitty Polaroid iZone Camera. Absolutely the cutest in instant photography, the pink Hello Kitty iZone camera comes loaded with a pack of iZone film.

    Polaroid JoyCam. For a larger, better quality picture than the iZone.

    Polaroid 600. Old School style, with plastic lens for a technological neo-renaissance "sfuma." Comes with a pack and a half of color film.

    The Holga Camera. The best in plastic toy camera photography. Shoots dreamy blurred medium format negatives.

    Inexepensive no-name brand Digital Camera. Plastic fixed focus lens, and 2MB of fixed memory. Despite its low budget status, the software is pretty good.

    Hasselblad 80mm Lens Hood. Attaches to the front of the lens. Helps prevent sun and strobe glare. Increases contrast.

    Nickelodeon Camera. The hard to find toy camera that takes four picture in the space of one regular 35mm frame. Uses regular 35mm film. Great for printing a strip of 8 or 10 photos together. Lots of fun.

    72mm Sigma Lens Cap.

    Purple Uniball Vision pen. The most beautiful color from the smoothest line of pens.

    Black Sharpee.

    Red Sharpee Pen.

    Black Uniball Pen.

    Silver Uniball Pen.

    Dark Colored Post-its.


    Miniature Stapler.

    1000 Staples.

    Staedler Liquid Point pen. Black ink, great flow.

    Yellow Masking Tape. Not much left.
    6 pieces of foam core, 8 x 10 inches, 1/4 inch thick.
    Crest Mint Toothpaste. With whitener and baking soda.

    One toothbrush.

    Aveeno Shaving Cream. Unscented. Very natural.

    Vioxx. About 30 25mg Tablets.

    Generic Fioricet. 11 tablets of Butalbital/APAP/Caffeine.

    CD Car Adapter. Plug the tape shaped adapter into your tape deck and play your CD's in the car, or anywhere you have only a tape player.

    3 Blank MiniDiscs and 2 with Mixes on them. 5 in all.

    5 foot Headphone jack extension. Great for listening to MP3's on your computer.

    Bubble Wrap.

    Porno Mags. I bought these to cut out the genitalia for collages. 3 included.

    Wild Rumpus card game. From Maurice Sendak.

    Small Curious George box with banana candies..

    Curious George Box.

    Beattles White Album lunch box.

    One Adhesive Eye. Stick it anywhere. Given to me by Ryan Peters.

    One Michael Jackson sticker card. Michael Jackson is the best. Stick it anywhere. Given to me by Ryan Peters.

    A stuffed animal of one of the Dilbert characters. My mom gave this to me upon my entrance into "office life."

    A large rubberband with the phrase "You are gifted in many ways" almost like a fortune cookie. The first "Y" is rubbing off.

    All of my notes, found objects, and primary source materials on Sherrie Levine, including a test print, and some interesting found objects. This is left over from building the and sites.

    Big green towel.

    My Trash. If you really wanted you could find something in there useful. Maybe a computer catalogue, or some credit card receipt.
    Powerstrip. It doesn't provide any surge protection, just extra outlets.

    16 oz Pyrex. The perfect size for a can of soup or a mug of hot chocolate.

    One handed Ecko can opener. 1 sold, 1 still available.

    Organic shaped stainless spoon.

    Glass jar with white metal lid.

    Jar lid opener. Unbeatable leverage for the jars that just won't open.

    An international student identification card

    A receipt for shipping two Shop Mandiberg purchases. Was part of Net.Ephemera, a show in New York at the Moving Image Gallery.
    Tylenol bottle full of change. There is usually about $8 to $12 in there.
    8 First Class postage stamps. The wild berry kind.
    8" caucasian flesh colored dildo. Pictured with improvised painted base, which as been removed.

    Large red butt plug.

    Item 000633 from John Freyer's All My Life For Sale. A lot of random items: a CD-Rom with a bunch of hi-res images from his site, a silkscreened(?) Pork Party sign, two matchbooks, a set of five Buss fuses, some yellow mardi gras style beads, a photograph of a four square game, which I believe was performance art(?), a tiny folding utility knife thing, some ginger candy, and an "all my life for sale" item tag (#000633).
    Rejection letter from the Yale MFA Sculpture program. I really actually wanted to get this letter, not the acceptance letter. It was kind of test for me. I wanted to be beyond their definitions of objecthood.

    A temporary ID card to enter the 5 World Trade Center.

    A to-do list/site plan on a napkin.

    My new business cards, modeled off of my old IBM ID Card. I have about five right now. One is laminated. I have to make some more.

    Red and White Striped Sweater.

    Thin Purple Patagonia Sweater-Shirt. Thin Patagonia Capiline, this pullover shirt is just the perfect temperature. The collar zips up for extra warmth. Size Large. 1 available.

    Black Speedo swim suit. Size 36, 100% Cotton. 1 available.